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Mary Chiwenga Accused of Faking Court Marriage To VP Chiwenga

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The nasty divorce scandal between VP Chiwenga took another twist with the VP arguing that his ex-wife Marry caused prejudice to his good administration and reputation by attempting to fake a solemnized marriage between the two.

Marry allegedly misrepresented to Judge President George Mutandwa Chiweshe that VP Chiwenga had consented to a marriage under the Marriage Act, Chapter 5:11.

She allegedly submitted copies of national identity documents of both parties to the Judge President Chiweshe without the knowledge and consent of the VP.

Justice Chiweshe then contacted the Acting Chief Magistrate Munamato Mutevedzi who decided to preside over the wedding ceremony.

“The Acting Chief Magistrate, however, noticed that the passport size photos and address of the parties were not included. The items were later forwarded to him and acting on the misrepresentation, the marriage officer caused the completion of registration forms and the marriage certificates in preparation for the ceremony. When the accused was doing all this, complainant was bedridden and not in a condition to consent to the marriage,” said a source.

“After the applications for special marriage licenses were made, a duplicate original register MR No: 0222402 was prepared. On the Duplicate Original Register copy, the marriage was between Constantino G.D.N. Chiwenga and Marry Mubaiwa.

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On the Register, it was endorsed or indicated that the marriage was by own consent through the misrepresentation by the accused while VP Chiwenga, who is the complainant, had not consented.

Investigations allegedly revealed Mubaiwa had already made an order for the manufacture of two diamond rings at a Jewellery Shop at Newlands Shopping Centre in Harare, which were delivered to her.

Marry is set to appear in court today following her arrest following her arrest  during the weekend.

She is facing six counts of externalizing foreign currency and money laundering she is facing six counts of externalizing foreign currency and money laundering involving more than US$1million.

Source Iharare

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