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Charlie Kay – Murudo Feat. Gemma Griffiths Lyrics

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I'm more than just a picture
They're like writings on wall
So its time i chased the winter
You know my love will never die
Ndinomhanya, (mhanya ndino ndimo mhanya)
You know my love is only getting deeper
Kusvika kumagumo(loving you till the end)
Oooh ndinomhanya(mhanya ndino ndino mhanya)
you know know my love is only getting deeper
Kusvika kumagumo
Usatye ini ndinewe kani
Murudo murudo
Ngatigare murudo murudo murudo kani
Murudo murudo murudo
I'm more than just a mirror
I see right through you
So when the ge sun starts to fade away,
baby my love for you will still shine
Ndino mhanha(mhanya ndino ndino mhanya)
You know my love is only getting deeper
Kusvika kumagumo (loving you till the end)
Ndinomhanya (mhanya ndino ndino mhanya)
Usatye ini ndinewe kani
Usatye ndinewe
Ngatigare murudo murudo kani
You can watch the video below

ArtistCharlie Kay
Featured artist: Gemma Griffiths
Released: 2019
Genre: R&B/Soul

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