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Black market fuel sold in CBD

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CENTRAL Business District (CBD) bus terminuses have of late become black market fuel service stations with fuel being sold there openly.

The sale of illicit drugs and gambling is also rife at bus termini.

H-Metro went around the Copacabana, Simon Vengesai Muzenda Street Bus Terminus and Market Square Bus Terminuses in the CBD and witnessed the illegal selling of fuel, drugs and gambling activities.

Black market fuel is being sold in jerry cans and plastic containers while gambling is taking place at pool tables and pavements with drug dealers concealing their drugs inboxes.

A fuel black market dealer who identified himself as Jose said he is making a killing through the selling of fuel at the Market Square rank.

“You can come and chase us away from operating at this rank but this has been convenient for kombi and taxi drivers.

“This is what has become of Zimbabwe where everyone is trying to make ends meet.

“At least we are not going into the streets to steal from people and everywhere some are selling fuel otherwise it must not be considered a serious crime,” said Jose.

One drug dealer who spoke on condition of anonymity admitted to selling marijuana at Copacabana bus terminus saying it had become his source of livelihood.

“Mudhara, mukatibvisa pano tofa nenzara, nyika irikurwadza, ndipo patiri kurarama napo.

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“Tave ne team redu rinouya richitenga pano everyday and vanhu vavakupaziva,” he said.

Miriam Mombe queuing for a Zupco bus to Kuwadzana said they have had a hard time trying to deal with marijuana smoke coming from drug spots at the bus terminus.

“Takutoshairwa hunhu nevana masikati chaiwo nekuti havachanyari kuputa mbanje chaiyo.

“Unotoshaya kuti mapurisana anenge aripi zvakadai zvichitika mu taundi masikati ano.

“Iyo peturu ichakonzeresa pano pakabvira pasina kana fire extinguisher,” said Mombe.

Harare Province police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Webster Dzvova warned of the illegal activities conducted in the CBD bus terminuses saying police were already on the ground effecting arrests.

“We are warning the drug dealers and black market fuel dealers at the greater Harare bus terminuses that the long arm of the law will catch up with them.

“Our team is already on the ground everyday and arrests are being made with suspects going to court and some ending up serving jail terms.

“We have informants in these places and the police are busy arresting these people involved in illegal activities, especially drugs dealers.

“We urge members of the public and motorists to buy fuel at designated service stations in the country and to report any incidents of these activities to the police,” said Ass Insp Dzvova.

Runyararo Makunde

Media and Society Studies Student Journalist for zimtrending Blogger Copywriter

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