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Mary Chiwenga Demands US$40 000 a Month Maintenance

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Vice President Constantino Chiwenga’s estranged wife Mary Mubaiwa Chiwenga has demanded an eye-popping US$40 000 per month. According to the former model, this amount is necessary to “maintain her current standard of living”.

To put this amount into perspective, this figure translates to a massive US$480 000 per annum. On the other hand, perhaps the most powerful man in the world, the President of the United States of America earns only US$400 000 per annum.

Using the parallel market, the monthly amount is also enough to pay a massive 800 civil servants who are currently earning an average of ZWL $1000 per month.

Marry made the claim as the couple is undergoing a very nasty divorce which is shedding light on the Vice President’s affairs. In her defendant’s plea at the High Court Mary said.

“The Defendant claims in reconvention personal maintenance in an amount equivalent to USD40 000 per month payable in Zimbabwe dollars and calculated at the interbank rate prevailing on the date of payment until her death or remarriage”

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Mary also wants compensation from Chiwenga for the injuries which she sustained in the White City bombing in Bulawayo in the runup to the July 2018 elections. Her court papers go on to say. “Plaintiff (Constantino Chiwenga) pay the Mary Mubaiwa’s cost for reconstructive surgery and all other medical associated costs arising from injuries she suffered from bomb blast in Bulawayo whilst accompanied Plaintiff on his party activities.”

In another peak at just how lavish the lifestyles of Zimbabwe’s elite are, Marry is also demanding a further US$40 000 per year for going on vacation with her family. US$25 000 will be for international holidays while the other US$15 000 is for regional holidays.

“One fully expensed international holiday per annum at a five-star facility inclusive of spending money of not less than the equivalent of US$25 000. One fully expensed regional holiday per annum at a five-star facility including of spending money of not less than the equivalent of USD$15 000″.

She is also demanding a further $25 000 in local currency per person every year so that they can have a local holiday. She did not specify the number of people who would be receiving the $25 000 in local currency for local holidays. Apart from Mary Chiwenga demanding US$40 000 per month as maintenance she also demanded that the Vice President should pay for the children’s school fees.


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