There is a letter circulating on social media addressed to the Ministry Of Education exposing the allegedly corrupt Head Master and his administration of Kwenda Mission School

Kwenda High School is a Mission High Under The Methodist Church In Zimbabwe Located in Hwedza District.

Late Last year we reported another letter exposing corruption at Sandringham High School which is also a Methodist Church School.

Below is the letter.




Once requested your office to come down on the ground at the aforementioned school, of which Mr Mudawarima and his team from your ministerial office did. Their visit was not profitable to the situation on the ground since no positive changes noted to date. In fact, disparity, adversity and negativity have swiftly and consistently haunted the school because of the headmaster, Mr T Manhera. He even went on to taunt staff claiming not even the head offices visit can change him. It is understood that his link with the late PED Guri, bound by same rural Buhera roots, prevented many offices to see naked truths.

Investigate the following as we have also engaged with ZACC:

1. How the school Twin Cab Toyota type was bought and later impounded!

It is allegedly that fraudulent activities were involved in its purchase by the Headmaster, Mr Manhera who happens to be the financial accounting officer in the school. No proper purchasing procedure was followed since the head was enjoying a kill in the deal. Its purported cost is US$ 55 000. He allegedly pocketed US$8000 from the kill. Right now the twin cab has been IMPOUNDED by CID due to its unlawful papers obtained through unorthodox procedures. The car was allegedly imported in a crooked manner, with the headmaster’s knowledge. The Headmaster is vying for an out of court settlement through the help of a relative. Why? The issue should be dealt with lawfully, with Zimbabwean courts involved.

2. How the school Ford Ranger ended up becoming Mr Manhera’s personal property.

We need schooling on how auctions are done. The Headmaster informed members of staff of an auction, a day before auctioning The Ford Ranger. The car was straight from being mechanically serviced using school funds. It was now as good as new – Check auction date and the vehicle maintenance papers by the Bursar’s office. It had been bought new tyres by the school. Just seven members, majority being his admin, attended the handover of the car, technically through the headmaster’s wife, who was tipped to bid. US$4 000 earned him the car worth above US$12 000 regarding the cost the school had incurred in servicing it recently. No clear procedures of auction followed. Also, a close relative, in this case headmaster’s wife who teaches at the school, snatched the car, for his husband.

On another cover-up auction, old goods and gadgets in the school was sold to staffers. But the Headmaster had already collected all the vehicle tyres meant for the auction nicodemously. The then SDC treasurer Mr Muchemwa also grabbed all the school batteries from vehicles. Right now the generator doesnt have a battery and sometimes learners study is compromised. The two never paid for the collected goods. This prompted Mrs Manhera, the wife, to collect many concrete sinks which could have helped the Boarding section.


Impeccable sources allege that it is because they are paying a tithe to the Headmaster, that Mr Muti, Mr Mavhera and Mr Kamazizwa always win tenders for furniture repair, buildings construction and repair and electrical fittings respectively. By the way, isnt it that three contractors apply for tenders and a selection is done? So these are so lucky to be chosen always? Sources privy to the headmaster say the three bought the headmaster a water pump for his plot. The pump was a tithe for the contracts awarded after the Finance Committee had wondered and questioned why the wall broken by the school bus had been charged rtgs$9000. Judging by its size, the wall would have costed rtgs$3000 then. It is said the contractors charge exorbitantly and he approves the abnormal charges because of his 10% benefit.

4. Why the Headmaster loosened the bus handbrake and ignored police recommendations.

The school bus, parked close to headmaster’s house at 1100hrs from Murehwa Volleyball Competition.The driver and headmaster together left it parked as they resigned for sleep. Consternately, by 1305 hrs it is said to have reversed on its own into an ‘A’ level block classroom. Headmaster surprisingly refused to wake up amidst efforts by security guards to awaken him up, surprising and an anormaly indeed. Sadza Police officers involved in investigation recommended for VID check before the bus is removed from the wall it had broken into. Suspiciously,on the morrow day, Headmaster hires a Chemhanza High Sch driver to immediately remove it to a Harare garage.Why? Yet headmaster was previously quoted as saying “this driver is boring, haaitike naye madeals” Efforts to repair the bus by insurance company was allegedly refused because no proper reason of accident raised. SDC then refused to fund its repair following unclear rush to remove the bus by the headmaster. Headmaster forces driver to change statement such that insurance company is involved in repair. (evidence is gotten by investigating the driver) WHY?

5. Headmaster using school funds to paint and commission a road named by a dead learner’s name and surname in the church school premise.

DSI Chikomba, Mr Kwenda, surprised many, being invited to commission a road by the name TAFARA GURANUNGO Way in a Christian environment. The boy contributed nothing to the school before he died by an accident during a holiday travel to Buhera. He was a mere form 2 volleyball player whose team never reached provincial competitions. School funds to buy paint for the road, also to force learners to buy t-shirts inscribed his name, to see the school bus going to his burial and memorial services at the expense of good food in dining, is a shame! All done and spearheaded by the Headmaster simply because the boy comes from Buhera where the headmaster comes from too? We suspect corrupt or ritual deals between the headmaster and the boy’s family. Our kids are complaining the poor sanitation in the boys hostels, but the school finds funds to fund the painting of a Buhera son road. Come, you find the road glittering more than the junior dining’s patched floors.

6. Groceries incentives for the 1st family.

The ministry of education has since stopped incentives. However the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe gives The Headmaster, Deputy and senior teachers cash incentives just above Rtgs$575 depending on post. This is abnormal considering the poor meals learners are getting. Then comes the Ruzawi Declaration which is doubtfully an MCZ incentive package. Mr Manhera was still at Waddilove when this declaration which nourishes headmasters with groceries came to play. Other MCZ schools has since denounced and abandoned it but Mr Manhera declares war on anyone trying to pock nose into that business. Currently he gets groceries worth above rtgs$5000 including sanitary pads (investigate the stores person) This is over and above the four loaves of bread he gets from the stores person every day. The following is a list of what he is getting per term, popularly known as ZVIRANGO:
16kgs Sugar
20l cooking oil
8kgs Salt
20l Chimombe milk
200ks Mealie meal
16kgs rice
8kgs beans
20ks beef
180 loaves bread
Ox head per week
1 zondo per week
2kgs offals per week
20l Floor polish
20l toilet dip
20l sanitizer
20l dish washer
16 tablets bath soap
16 bars green bar
5kgs liver per week.

6. Corruption on enrolment of form 1s and lower 6 students.

The headmaster is the sole enroller. This is such that he enrols relatives even those who do not meet the enrolment requirements. He also receives bribes and corrupt money for the exercise.Recently he received us$100 from Madam Hove (former student teacher at the school who as well come from Buhera) who came days after schools open and secured a form 1 student. This after many qualified students were turned down on the reason that the school was now packed. Mr Kasanzu from Sadza growth point is the other one of many, who had to part away with US$100 to secure a vacant for a form 1 student.The most paining part is that he refuses to enroll staff members children to the extent that some end up going to far away schools which inflict travelling costs on staffers. Worrying is how children from Harare and Buhera get enrolled even if they dont meet enrollment criteria. He also enrolled his relative who was mentally disturbed and stayed at his home yet he refuses locals and staffers children who are normal but probably slow learners. He used the foreign currency to buy a herd of around 6 cattle at one go for his plot.

7. Poor Rapport

The Headmaster is a pilferer and liar who was chased away from Waddilove (investigate any Waddilove staff member for his history). He harasses, scolds, insults and despises teachers and non-teaching staff publicly. He unleashes his basket mouth insults on staff in morning assemblies. He even declared in meetings that “fuel and water can run short for learners, not for me and my personal errands”. This is evidenced by periods taken in 2019 3rd term when learners had to queue at his house to get drops of drinking water while the whole school was dry. This is despite an allocation of about 10 000 litres diesel meant for the generator, which nobody can really explain where it is going to. His even fabricate stories for all those whom he suspects may unveil his corrupt deals and abuse. Refer to the number of cases of cases on NECs in-tray from Kwenda high school.

8. Unwarranted personal errands at the expense of learners privileges

8.1 It may be understood that headmasters are given mileage according to the school policy. But pretending to be doing school business when someone is going to collect her daughter from MSU is mere wastage of school resources. The maintenance team complains of loading a full tank plus a 20l container for a mere journey to and fro Chivhu. They are many non-educational trips where school fuel is being used. This is while learners are not studying because no fuel is there to run the generator.
8.2 For three years now, learners wait for each other in dining because there is not enough plates, tea pots, dishes, dishing spoons, cups. THE COLDROOM IS ALWAYS DOWN, learners coerced to eat rotten meat, some even sleeping on the floor because of shortages of beds.
Child rights abuse at its level best!

9. Leave that is not leave for Headmaster’s wife.

The wife,Mrs T Manhera is always out of school on own personal business. The days you find her at work are countable. One wonders whether she is filling in leave forms as demanded for other members of staff. If so, how can a professional headmaster give such leaves for almost every three days a week?

10. Selling cattle to school.

The headmaster sells diseased cattle to the school. The bursars office fears him so they can’t resist buying from him. During the days of Bursar Nyamadzawo, the headmaster gave the school ill cattle, to clear them as it was a period of Wedza-Chikomba cattle disease outbreak. The cattle were replaced by very good beasts the school had purchased for dining purposes.

11. Unfair disciplinary cases handling
Learners who come from Buhera, those from his friends receive fair treatment even when the Disciplinary committee has recommended for a sterner punishment. Teaching and non-teaching staff are now living in fear since one learner who beat one staff member was returned in class without punishment, despite the DCs recommendation.

Well, we as parents, staff and community, do hereby recommend that you look into these matters as a matter of urgency. We dont need to be violent, marching and demonstrating for us to be understood. That will be somehow inhumane of us. Not because we can’t do such, but because we believe in formalizing things. Save us please before we serve him what is within our potential.


Parents, Community and staff (both teaching and non-teaching)

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