Is Mambo Dhuterere Overtaking Winky D’s Newest Album?

Winky D’s newest album hasn’t won over the masses. In fact, some (brave!) commentators have gone as far as even labelling his album a “flop!”. Really fam? 

It has been a controversial start to 2020 for hitmaker Winky D after he was caught up in a music sandstorm when he declined the opportunity to submit his name for nomination at the Star FM Awards recently. 

Now he’s back in the tabloids as fans have taken a real hard look at his newest body of work and questioned just how much quality is in Winky D’s album. 

This in itself is a big shame because we were all eagerly anticipating his record for a number of weeks, only to be let down with a poorer-than-usual offering. 

A Recently Found Singer Mambo Dhuterere’s album can be claimed even more powerful that Winky’s Album. This is because the album has maintained a longer shelf life, still playing everywhere, yet Winky D’s album was a hit when it was not yet out and possibly on the launch day.

One particularly harsh critic even described it as “mediocre”. Popular columnist “The Hedonist,” said: 


 “Luckily for Winky D, his album was actually born, alive and well, but its health deteriorated almost immediately. Listeners could not find something to dance to, to play at their parties and DJs have no option but to look elsewhere as Winky D has flattered to deceive. While his touting partners point to one of the tracks doing well on some fringe station, the truth is that the album has failed to gain momentum locally. In fact, what is happening in local music right now is that there is a lot of celebrating junk. As long as one has a good budget, that is, deep-pocketed backers and loud touts on Facebook and Twitter — they are guaranteed fake success.” 


What do you think about Winky D’s latest album? Quality or Flop? 


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