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Mudiwa Hood Joins The Bandwagon Of Well wishers to Help The Headmaster Caught Stealing

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There is a picture circulating on social media of a man recognised as a headmaster (School yet to be reviewed) who was caught stealing maize cobs.

Citizens have sympathised with the man and have embarked on a search of the man, ready to assist.

Mudiwa Hood posted on his Twitter account that he also wants to help the headmaster.

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We now await the social media police to unveil the identity of the man.

Below is Mudiwa hood ‘s post:

This is my HERO, He did not kill, he did not rape, or beat his wife…NOOOO…he jus took 8 maize cobs to feed his family😭😭😭😭…i do not condone the act but i celebrate level of discipline. I will help him!!!

Kindly allow me not to care what this man did…this is not a look of a criminal but a genuine family man who has tried it all in this land😢i do not condone the act of stealing maize, but the intention to feed his family broke my heart💔, this is sad😭😭😭…Where is he, kindly help locate him, i want to help him big time, and will appeal to others who want to join me to feel free to and change this man's life…He is learned…he did it all, what life demanded of him, he deserves respect and i want to respect him?

Its sad we forget the work our teachers did for us to be here where we are now, kindly show me where this man is…please help!!.

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