Ever seen a meme with coffin carrying dancers with a unique sound to it? Ever wondered if this was a joke or reality? Here is what we know about the coffin carrying dancers.

Who are they and where do they come from?

The coffin carrying dancer or pallbearers come from Ghana.

Pallbearers are lifting the mood at funerals in Ghana with flamboyant coffin-carrying dances. Families are increasingly paying for their services to send their loved ones off in style

These coffin carrying dancers are known as Ghanaian Dancing Pallbearers. They are hired to ensure you give your loved ones a dancing send-off. Funerals are usually characterized by mourning, stress and sorrow, the coffin carrying dancers try to give you s smile as you bury your loved ones.

Benjamin Aidoo who leads the dancing pallbearer group, reveals that he decided to add choreography to it so if the client comes to them, they just ask if the client wants a bit of display or maybe they want some choreography on it.

He reveals that he invested a substantial amount in the team including nice outfits and general upkeep of the group.

Watch some of the coffin dancer memes below

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