It is in times like these that art must roar into life and claim it’s rightful purpose. Anxiety and uncertainty is the order of the day. If ever there were hardest times ever in the 21st century epoc, it should definitely be living in today’s reality.

In a world slowly but surely living under a dimming light of motivation almost having nothing to look forward to, this is the exact time when artists must rise in full force and really convince the world that there is more to the science of art than mere entertainment and amusements.

Mthulisi Launches a One Poem, 51 Page Long Book Titled Ubuntu (The Raw Truth Unraveled)


The simmering sadness and this dark cloud of great obscurity is more than enough to inspire creatives to produce enticing and mind blowing art in form of poems, music, painting etc. The world is indeed hungry and more than ready to consume anything meaningful under this intimidating complete lockdown.

As artists we need to take part in complementing government efforts of curbing the spread of Covid-19 by all means. It is us artists that have the power to emancipate our communities on the importance of staying safe through social distancing and practicing basic health standards prescribed by national and internationally acclaimed health institutions like WHO.

In times of turmoil and gloom, art must be hailed as a soul and emotional therapy. Artists must capitalize on this situation and by all means try to seed positive vibes into the hearts and minds of many. Art in its generality is a component that even in greatest wars in history, it has always stuck and firmly stood as a top moral booster for the soldiers to soldier on. In its transcending nature it shouldn’t be viewed to be any different with today’s art for it still holds the same value and potential.

It is a public secret that the world is at standstill, uncertainty is looming left, right and about. Nobody seems to be absolutely sure of what really hit us and of when it is going to wave goodbye.

The best that we could ever do at the moment is to simply pray and hope for the best. Hence the question that kicks in is; Do people still have the oomph to hope for the best? Is there anything that could be done to possibly end this pandemic right away?
Do we have to lose hope and surrender? A BOLD NO! Then what best can the world do or adopt as a copying mechanism while our scientists are still busy in laboratories searching for a possible remedy? One of the best answers would be in appreciative of the impact that art has.

I would also love to hail the and Express my gratitude, for the overwhelming participation of general artists in different genres in fighting against the Corona virus. It is the least we can do for ourselves and the world at large. One day the history will take note of the noble cause. Let us continue doing the best that we can in preaching positivity and spreading more faith than fear.

Mthulisi Ndlovu

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