ZRP in Bulawayo yesterday arrested 115 people for not wearing masks in public after the government enacted a law that criminalises not wearing a mask in public following the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, The Chronicle reports.

The arrests were confirmed by Bulawayo police spokesperson Inspector Abednico Ncube who said;

We arrested 115 people, most of them for issues to do with wearing of masks. We are enforcing a law announced by President Mnangagwa that people must be wearing masks at all times if outside of their homes. We are seeing some people displaying masks but not wearing them. If one is in public places, the mask must be covering your nose and mouth, and it must not be hanging on your chin or just on your forehead, or in your handbag. It must be worn

So, we are arresting all those people with masks but not wearing them, and those without. We are flexible on what people are using as masks. We just want the mouth and nose covered that is all. People can improvise and use what is available but they must be covered when not at home.

ZIMA Secretary-General Dr Sacrifice Chirisa reportedly said if worn correctly homemade masks are safe to use.

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