Queen of Entertainment just found out she may have a son from a past relationship. Tatelicious just posted the following on her Facebook .

I’m in tears.😭😭😭😭

Just found out that I have a son aged 14 years old.
There’s a possibility that that he’s my son,ndaona ziguma nekufanana neni.

I slept with the mom several times with no condom so it might be true.

Ndikufara,Ndikurohwa nehana.

To be certain tomboita DNA test first.

Mwana akafanana neni iyeye.

If its true,I will be very happy at least mavanga epakabviswa mboro akuzonyatsopora murugare.

But kana ari manyepo,I will be the sadest human being ever.

Mwana wangu ndochengeta murufaro rwakakura.

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