The UK based Zimbabwean musician Ivy Kombo is one of the few musicians who have invested so much in education as she admits that music is a hobby and not a profession.

Ivy Kombo recently graduated with a Master of Sciences degree in Project Management from the University of Northampton, becoming her second master’s achievement after the Master of Laws (LLM) that she attained.

The musician is studying towards her doctorate in law after attaining her second master’s degree in February. In an interview from her UK base this week, Ivy said the current lockdown has increased her desire to pursue her academic passion.

“I have gone straight into research for my Ph.D. because the lockdown, due to coronavirus, has sharpened my hunger academic excellence. I am enjoying the new challenge and I will definitely come out of this lockdown richer intellectually.”

Ivy started her legal journey with a Diploma in Legal Studies before attaining a Bachelor of Laws (LLB Honours) degree and being accredited as an international civil and commercial mediator. She worked for two law firms and is currently into legal research.

The musician said her leisure in the lockdown period is spent on music. She is working on a new project that will be a follow-up release to her current album “Like Mt Zion” that was released last year.

“Music is in my blood and I take it as a hobby, not a profession. When I want to refresh from my studies, I go into the studio and belt out some songs even when I am not recording. We are not going out these days, so music has become the main leisure activity of my routine.

“I am working on new songs and also doing scripts for upcoming videos. I will create more songs within a short period than I have done before because I have never been “locked down” for such a long time in my entire career. Instead of taking it as a negative development, I am reaping the positive results from the effect of coronavirus.”

The singer said she is doing charity work to assist people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic with members of their church Upper view Ministries International. She said they have sourced groceries and other basic needs that will be supplied to disadvantaged families back home.

“We understand the harsh effects of coronavirus on various communities and we commiserate with everyone affected. We are also affected in many ways, but we know there are others in worse situations. We have sourced various groceries and other goods that will benefit disadvantaged families back home in Zimbabwe,” she said.

On a parting note, she had a word of advice to everyone during the pandemic. “The virus is killing many people across the world. Let us stay safe. Let us observe all precautions that we get from health professionals. Stay safe, stay healthy, stay alive.”

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