The Government has released the full list of the private fee-paying quarantine centres available in the country.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Nick Mangwana publicised the list of available Private Fee Paying Quarantine Centres across Zimbabwe.

The list comes when returning citizens have condemned some of the quarantine centres which are allegedly substandard and a health hazard.

Some of the centres are said to be without running water. Hundreds of returnees have escaped the quarantines when the Ministry of Health and Child Care has reported that most of the recent cases in the country are at quarantine centres.

Below is the list.

1-Rainbow Towers
2-Umswindale Lodge
3-Baines B&B
4-Yorke Lodge
5-Maclcom Lodge
6-Argyle Apartments
7-Bronte Hotel
8-Greystone Lodge
9-Kadoma Hotel
10-Chevron Hotel(Masvingo)
11-Khumalo Hotel(Bulawayo)

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