South Africans queued to purchase alcohol at many liquor stores across the country after two dry months as level three of the lockdown begins.

President Cyril Ramaphosa announced South Africa will be going into level 3 and alcohol will be allowed to be sold in a controlled manner. Beer and cigarette sales were banned under level 3 lockdown. 

ZimTrending learned from Savanna News that Shoppers sprang into song at local liquor stores. Some were even standing in a queue for hours to buy a six-pack of beer. A  very long queue was seen at Makro in Woodmead, Johannesburg. Shoppers waited for as long as 3 hours just to have a chance to shop. 

According to the publication, The sale of alcohol comes as SAB warned they would be forced to destroy 400 million bottles of beer if the beer restriction continued.

Ramaphosa also allowed the opening of churches during lockdown level 3 subject to strict measures. Only 50 people per gathering are allowed to attend the church. Cigarettes remain banned under lockdown level 3 much to the frustration of smokers who hoped the ban would be eased like alcohol. Some police officers have indicated they might face challenges in enforcing the ban as they feel is it too strict.

Cuban doctors warned South Africa will face a catastrophe if they do not implement strict lockdown measures.

Unemployed South Africans are receiving R350 every month as unemployment benefits during the lockdown period.

Here some reactions to South Africa alcohol queues:

“I see white people in line. Where are those people who said white people just want us to get drunk? We all love alcohol. Together in the love of booze.”

“I’m leaving this Satafrica, this country is something else. Only if we were focused like this on productive issues”

“Yall will be broke by tomorrow and expecting us to buy for you, even in clubs you come with money to buy only 1 dumpie



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