It is alleged that nine armed Guruve police officers reportedly burnt a suspected notorious thief facing seven counts of criminal charges.

The matter came to light yesterday at Guruve magistrates courts where Ben Chipoya (40)  appeared before Guruve resident magistrate Shingirai Mutiro.

Chipoya told the magistrate that police officers stormed his homestead fired warning shots, threw a tear smoke in his house, and broke into his room to arrest him.

“Your worship nine armed police officers came to my house during the night where l was sleeping with my family, l just heard gunshots outside while l was trying to check what was happening a tear smoke was fired through the window and burnt my chest,” Chipoya said.

In response one of the investigating officers said the firing of the tear smoke was to force the suspect outside.

The state-led by Albert Charewa alleged that sometime in 2018 Chipoya assaulted two different people with iron and left for dead.

In the same year, he stole three motorbikes and body parts were recovered at his homestead.

On March 17 he unlawfully entered into Ballentine Musekwa and stole a solar panel, car battery, and groceries.

He was remanded in custody to June 17 for the continuation of trial.

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