Brown vinegar and salt started grabbing social media headlines on Tuesday after several Twitter users claimed that the combo can make people experience mystical events or enter the spiritual realm in Shona “Unoona Muroyi Wako”

According to tweeps, if you want to see your enemies, you need to take brown vinegar and salt and put in under your bed and all shall be revealed.

Whether it’s negative or positive, everything in this universe is made of energy. While there is no possibility to wipe out all negative energy from our lives, there are steps that we can take to deal with this vitality, banishing poisonous energy while welcoming positive, elevating vibes and this salt and vinegar solution seem to be working for some.

Its a matter of being strong at heart to embark on this experiment.

There is only one way to prove if something is real or not.I will embark on this experiment and come back with the review stay tuned…..


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