ZUPCO Fares rise
ZUPCO Fares rise

There have been reports being raised by disgruntled commuters indicating that there is a growing tendency of refusing tap cards by Zupco conductors who are demanding cash payments.

Excuses being given include a lack of network and power points. Some conductors even claim that they do not have swipe machines. This is inconveniencing commuters who would have credited their tap card balances.

Commuters were persuaded to adopt the use of tap cards when Zupco started prioritizing tap cardholders and even threatened that they would reach a point where they would stop accepting cash.

As a result, some loaded all their money for transport in the tap cards.

Therefore, rejecting tap cards is inconveniencing such people. They were encouraged to pay for a service which the service provider is now refusing to offer.

In the end, commuters are forking out money on top of the credit loaded in the tap cards.

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