The Midlands State University has released a notice to all final year returning students for the examination dates.The University acknowledged that the opening of the campus and preparation for writing examinations is now at a final stage.

This comes after the Government declared that school reopen for examination writing classes.

Examinations have been scheduled to start on 6 July 2020 and ending on 22 August 2020

During the lock down period students resorted to online Learning which met so much criticism,with an extreme level of resistance recorded by Midlands State University Students who filed a case with the high court rejecting that students are not ready to write examinations since the E learning was not accessible to all.

In the Notice MSU stated that to curve for the National Disaster  all returning students will be housed on on-campus residence and students were required to pay an extra ZW800 for accommodation.

“Campus Accommodation is a must to everyone……..All other students are required to payZWL800.00. for the period they will be accommodated on campus excluding meals”

Msu also noted that examination dates for non-graduating students shall be announced in due course.

‘Examination dates for non-graduating students will be communicated in due course.Meanwhile,remote online teaching and learning will continue.’

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