2000 civil servants have been struck off the government payroll as they failed to register under the Public Sevice Biometric Authentication Project.

The matter came to light in a letter from the Public, Defence, Police and Prisons and Recreational Service Commissions secretary Jonathan Wutawunashe to Primary and Secondary Education ministry’s permanent secretary Tumisang Thabela.

The letter reads in part: …

All members who were found without biometric attributes in the National Registration System were instructed to have these attributes captured by the department of the Registrar-General. As of March 31, 2020, 1 849 members who are active on the payroll had not complied.

Of these, 829 are in your ministry as per the attached schedule. The Commission has made a decision to remove them from the payroll with effect from the 1st of June 2020, until they comply with the requirement.

The Commission is, therefore, requesting that you facilitate notification to these members of this decision and that they will only be reinstated on complying with the requirement.

The Public Service Commission decided to introduce the Biometric registration system as a way to reform the public service sector and weed out ghost workers.

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