Ordinary Zimbabweans are facing serious transport problems as ZUPCO buses and kombis remain the only allowed mode of transportation.

Commuters are reportedly queuing for ZUPCO buses from 4.30 AM in some suburbs in Harare as the government is yet to allow privately owned commuter omnibuses to go back to ferrying passengers.

ZimTrending Learned for the South African Guardian that According to the observation made by the publication, people are seen at the bus station by 4.43 AM in this harsh cold winter already waiting for the buses that usually start operating 2 hours later:

Commuters are reportedly later on marked by a permanent marker to signify those in the queue in order for them to get first preference when the bus eventually comes.

One of the commuters Mairevei Mupombwi said:

My typical day starts at 3.30 am where I have to warm my water to bathe and by 4 am I am leaving the house. I wait for my friend and we walk together to the bus stop and it takes us about 30 minutes. The bus sometimes comes at 6.45 am, and if it is late, it comes after 7 am. It’s the same coming home from work. We have to wait in long queues. I get very tired, and during my off-days, I just want to sleep

Other commuters shared similar stories of how they are working up super early in this unforgiving cold weather to catch the bus that ferries them to the city centre where they work.

While the president relaxed lockdown restrictions, he has not yet given private transport providers the go-ahead to resume ferrying passengers to the City Center. Intra City Travel is still not allowed as well.

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