The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has released a press statement confirming that they have arrested a total of 102 business operators rejecting bond notes and coins under an operation code-named “Accept Zimbabwe currency”.

In a press statement, police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi warned businesses against rejecting notes and coins saying those doing so risk being arrested. Nyathi said:

The Zimbabwe Republic Police reiterates that traders and business entities who continue to refuse to accept Zimbabwe currency, bond notes and coins as legal tender in business transactions risk being arrested and taken to court for the law to take its course.

… A total of 102 suspects have been arrested with 28 appearing in court in Harare.

Recent reports indicate that some informal traders and small-scale retailers are refusing to accept bond coins, $2 and $5 notes.

Nyathi urged members of the public to continue reporting businesses that refuse to accept bond notes which remain a legal tender.

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