Minister of Energy, Advocate Fortune Chasi has admitted that the government is facing challenges on the issue of fuel shortages in the country.
Chasi was responding to a question by MDC senator Elias Mudzuri who wanted the Energy minister to tell senate during a question and answer session on Thursday what the government was doing to address the issue that is causing elongated queues. Mudzuri had asked:
I have been looking for fuel myself as a Member of Parliament for more than three months. I still have coupons from Parliament which are three months old. Also, we are looking at the public and the business community, how are we planning to service everyone with reasonable supplies of fuel?
In his response, Chasi admitted that they were facing challenges over the issue. He said:
I think the nexus between the availability of foreign currency and the availability of fuel in the country is known to all of us.  It is also common cause, I think, that over the number of months foregoing since the commencement of this pandemic, our capacity to generate foreign currency for our own purposes as a country was heavily affected.

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