The ZRP National Police Spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi has confirmed that a 31-year-old man, Norman Mushuku has been arrested after kidnapping 5 children all around the ages of 6 in Norton.

According to Paul Nyathi, Norman Mushuku was caught with five children whom he had lured into his car using sweets and drove off after locking them inside.

He works for a security company and was travelling using the company’s vehicle when he stopped at a filling station at Karina and the cries of the children where heard by the vendors that were nearby.

When asked who the kids belonged to, he claimed that they were his boss’s kids coming from Zvimba and he was taking them to him in Harare.

The vendors then insisted that he opens his car and when the kids were asked about their parents that’s is when the truth was revealed.

Mashuku was taken to Norton Police station by the angry vendors and the children, 2 of them from Maridale and 3 of them from Nhowe were reunited with their families.

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