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Market Rates Updated 12/08/2020

Please note that we are researchers and not traders.We document exchange rates on the various markets for research purposes only.These are also just indicative rates.We will be uploading changes as the day goes.

OMIR $122.22
USD / ZWL$ ZIPIT/Bank $108.00
USD / ZWL$ Swipe $103
USD / ZWL$ OneMoney $100.00
USD / ZWL$ Ecocash $98.00
USD / BOND* (Cash) $90.00
USD / BOND* (USD1 Notes)** $90.00
USD / ZWL$ RBZ Highest Bid Rate $87.00
USD / ZWL$ RBZ Lowest Bid Rate $70.00
USD / ZWL$ RBZ Lowest Bid Rate Accepted $78.00
USD / ZWL$ RBZ Average Rate $80.4663


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