A member of the methodist church Cleopas Sanangura wrote an open email for the withdrawal of president Emmerson Mnangagwa from the church.

In the email, he mentioned that he can not be associated with Mnangagwa because he killed some of his family members and the church remained silent about the matter and he no longer felt self to surrounded by Mnangagwa.

He also says that if Mnangagwa failed to be removed from the church, he (Sanangura) will excuse himself from being a member of the Methodist church.

“I am writing this open email to you as a member of the Methodist Church. The reason for this letter is the situation in our country where the church has failed to protect the weak and the vulnerable,” reads part of Sanangura’s letter addressed to the Methodist Church leadership.

“We see the brutality happening in the country and the leader of this brutality is a member of the Methodist church in ED Mnangagwa.

“I have found it very difficult since he went into office why I should be associated with him in our church. I have family members that have since been killed by him but the church has remained silent about this.

“I see him and his wife wearing church uniform and I take it by association we are murderers as well. The President took oath to defend, protect the people and the Constitution of Zimbabwe yet he has become the enemy of the country.”

Sanangura continued; “Corruption is at its highest and people can’t afford a meal. I, therefore, would like to request that the church revoke his membership because he is not a member in good standing.

“The suffering of our people cannot be associated with the Methodist Church. If the church cannot do this, I, therefore, will withdraw my membership as I cannot be part of making the suffering of Zimbabweans.

“I have prayed about this and the only thing the church can do is to withdraw his membership to the church.”

It could not be established if the Methodist Church had responded to Sanangura’s request.

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