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Secondary Schools Heads Raise Concern Over Reopening Schools

Primary school heads have announced that they are ready to resume classes following the government’s decision to reopen schools, while secondary schools heads have said even though they are eager to go back, a few things are still to be addressed, The Herald reports.

National Association of Primary Heads (NAPH) chair Mrs Cynthia Khumalo said they were ready to take on Grade 7s and said:

In our case, we are only talking about Grade Sevens, so all the available teachers will be assigned to teach the few Grade Sevens from more classrooms. It is the same thing with boarding schools. There will not be any congestion in boarding facilities because only a few kids are coming. For the Grade Ones to Six, we are waiting for direction from the Government.

However, National Association of Secondary Heads (NASH) president Mr Arthur Maposa said schools were yet to be disinfected and the issue of transport was still to be addressed:

Schools have not yet been disinfected. Teachers and learners have not been tested for Covid-19 and inter-city transport is not yet available. Heads, teachers and learners are all eager to return to school and work but we appeal to the Government to help us meet WHO guidelines and fulfil all standard operating procedures.

The government has not yet said anything about the provision of PPE to teachers and PTUZ raised concern over the water crisis in Bulawayo and how it will affect learners in Bulawayo. The government is yet to make transport provisions for students while inter-city travel is still prohibited.

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