A man who allegedly raped a woman at a cemetery was severely thrashed with sticks and later died at a hospital.

It is said on 11 September at around 4.30 pm a 23-year-old woman was fetching firewood near a cemetery at Babcock compound in Kwekwe, Midlands province.

A source close to investigations said Darlington Munyaradzi Maphosa reportedly spotted her before ambushing her near a cemetery.

The source said when she was passing by a cemetery Darlington grabbed her hand and dragged her into the bush

“He violently pushed her to the ground before he quickly undressed her and raped her once,” said the source.

After the act he freed her and she went home, and narrated the ordeal to her brother. Seething with anger the brother, the source said, teamed up with his four friends and went to Darlington’s homestead.

“They caught up with Darlington at his homestead. They took turns to assault him with sticks all over the body. After they were satisfied that they had meted out instant justice to the victim, they took him to a police base,” said the source.

The source said Darlington sustained bruises around the neck and swollen hands.-B-Metro

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