Impala Car Rental has released its communications with the police into the public domain as the company denies reports that it is delaying and frustrating the process of releasing information of the person who hired their car that was used during the abduction of Tawanda Muchehiwa.

Addressing the media, on Thursday, Impala legal team led by Jivas Mudimu, said the Police’s law and order seized the file from them and anyone who has interests in the matter can access the file from the police.

“In our first statement we highlighted that we will be abiding by the law enforcement agents and when they came to our offices asking for the file we then gave them,” he said.

Mudimu said they even wrote a follow up letter to the police asking about the file but he was told that it was being used for investigations.

“Because we are a concerned company and we are willing to assist Muchehiwa in finding the criminals we then made a follow up to the police but they told us that it was being used for further investigations,” he said.

Mudimu said the file was seized from Impala by a Harare law and order police officer only identified as Chibaya.

He said it was unfortunate that Muchehiwa’s legal team reported the case in Bulawayo, got a court order to have the file while they had already given it to Police

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