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Travellers BeingTurned Away At Beitbridge Border Post

Beitbridge Border Post yesterday turned away scores of travellers who wished to cross into Zimbabwe’s Southern neighbour South Africa because the border is still not open to human traffic, Chronicle reports.

South Africa yesterday opened its land borders to all Africans and some people assumed Zimbabwe had done the same which might have been the major source of confusion that saw some people going to Beitbridge Border Post hoping to cross into South Africa.

Some people reportedly arrived at Beitbridge Border Post on Wednesday night hoping to cross into SA early Thursday morning but they were dismissed by Immigration officials.

One traveler that spoke to the publication said she intended to visit the Western Cape and was turned away by immigration officials:

I was not aware that the border is still closed to ordinary travellers. I intended to travel to Western Cape to visit my daughter who is not well when I was informed of the current position. So, I am going back to Mberengwa until things return to normal at the border.

The trend of people turning up at the border continued till around 9 AM till word got out that the border was still closed to ordinary travelers.

More: Chronicle

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