Man Confesses To Being Attacked By Own Goblins

Drama torched Epworth this Monday as a man confessed to an attack by his goblins.

The incident attracted the attention of police, traditional and faith healers.

Commonly known as paBooster, this is a place in Epworth known for the wrong reasons and now nicknamed the Sodom and Gomorrah due to the presence of ladies of the night who frequent it.

As if that is not enough, a man who resides in this vicinity alleged that he bought goblins from South Africa to give him wealth, but the relationship has gone sour and the so called wealth givers have brought the man more harm than good, leading him to a condition that almost took his life.

There was pandemonium as residents tried to outdo each other trying to get a glimpse of the so called goblins.

Traditional and faith healers were also there giving their own version of the drama under the guise of exorcism.

Whether the above assertions by both the Epworth residents and the traditional and faith healers hold any water is a matter of one’s own beliefs.

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