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Mai Titi’s Facebook Account Hacked

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Popular comedian Mai Titi has claimed that her Facebook account has been hacked and that she is taking it down for the time being. 

Mai Titi said this in a video that she posted to her Instagram account earlier today.

A search on Facebook for her account confirmed that the page had indeed been taken down. She says she is ‘working on it' and that the page should be back up in two to three days.

Some fans on Facebook, however, claim that she took the page down after she had been attacked for posting some nasty comments about the happenings at Ginimbi's funeral.

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Another rumour doing the rounds on social media claims that Mai Titi has been arrested earlier today.

This is a developing story and we will give you updates as soon as we get them. In the meantime watch the video posted by Mai Titi below.

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