Moana’s Burial Further Delayed By Court

The presiding judge in the matter regarding the burial of the late social media personality Michelle “Moana” Amuli has withheld the ruling on the matter saying that it is ‘complex’.

The matter was heard on Monday by Justice Pisirai Kwenda, with Moana’s mother Yolanda Kuvaoga being represented by lawyers AF Makore and Paidamoyo Madondo while Moana’s father Ishmael Amuli was represented by Ashiel  Mugiya.

Moments before the ruling was delivered this Wednesday afternoon, respective family members were already camped impatiently outside the High Court, anxiously awaiting the outcome.

Ishmael Amuli, Moana’s biological father, wanted an “Islamic” burial at Warren Hills cemetery.

Moana’s mother Yolanda Kuvaoga prayed for a burial open to everyone at Zororo Cemetery along Seke Road near Chitungwiza, arguing that her daughter was not a Moslem as evidenced by her way of life and the circumstances around her death. 

Reading his ruling, Justice Kwenda said his ruling was not yet ready and the respective lawyers would be contacted when the ruling is available.

“I am aware that I made an undertaking that the ruling will be ready by 2:30pm today but the case is not a common one so it requires going through thoroughly. My ruling is not yet ready. My assistant will be in touch with the lawyers. Judgement is reserved,” he said.

“It’s unfortunate that the burial has been delayed, but this is a complex matter,” he added.

Moana was burnt recognition on the morning of Sunday 8 November on her way from Dreams nightclub where she celebrated her 26th birthday.

She was now based in South Africa but came for the party hosted by club owner, Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure who was behind the wheel when his speeding giant Rolls-Royce Wraith hit a tree and went up in flames moment after avoiding a pocket-sized Honda Fit

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