Woman Murders Cheating Husband

A Guruve woman has been draaged to court for allegedly killing her husband after accusing her of cheating.

Tabeth Mutungwa (45) is alleged to have killed her husband Webster Zhuwaka by striking his head with a brick.

Mutungwa reportedly tried to conceal the crime by dragging her husband’s body from the scene and hung it on a tree, to mislead investigators into thinking her husband committed suicide.

It is the state’s case that:

On December 8 the accused had an altercation with her husband Webster Zhuwaka after accusing him of having an extramarital affair. Mutungwa became violent and fatally assaulted Zhuwaki with bricks.

To conceal her act she dragged Zhuwaki’s body and hung it from a tree.

During investigations, the police found bloodstained clothes in the house and bricks used in committing the crime.

Mututungwa was arrested and charged with murder before the Guruve Magistrate denied her bail and advised her to apply for bail at the high court.

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