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Developing: Mukuru Rates

Diasporans Shocked by Disparity Between Local and International Rates

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Everyone takes advantage of Zimbabwe including Zimbabweans


Sending US$450 via Mukuru from Harare to Chipinge you are charged US$23. And the maximum you can send is US$450. That means if I were to send US$1500 I need to pay close to US$100 in Mukuru transfer charges.

Sending US$1500 from UK to Zimbabwe (Chipinge) you are charged only £8 ( approx US$10).

PLEASE NOTE: it's same company charging different transfer charges to send money to the same destination, depending on where you send from.

I have been in Zim for several weeks now. Because of this huge disparity in transfer charges, everytime I need to send money to someone in another Zim city, I have been transferring money in my UK Bank accounts via Mukuru UK since I arrived in Zimbabwe just to avoid paying their huge Zim charges. So instead of using their local Mukuru – I log onto my UK Mukuru Account and transfer money as if I'm in UK to someone in Zimbabwe. It's crazy how Zim corporate come up with schemes to extort money from people.

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As early as yesterday I needed to send R8100 to someone in Checheche – I had to log into my UK Mukuru and pay that person as if I'm in UK and yet I was in Chipinge Town ( a distance of only 130 km). Had I chosen to send the money I have – I would have charged US$23 which is more than the bus fare to and from Checheche !

The implication of this is that I have money in Zimbabwe but it's expensive to actually use it and so I end up relying on money Outside the country 😂😂😂


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