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UK Cancels Olinda Chapels Licence

Gain Health Care Was Extorting Health Care Workers

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This comes a few days after her licence at Gain Health Care Limited, a company she owns, was revoked. It was found that they charged Zimbabweans thousands of dollars to go to the UK as carers.

“This past week I have been feeling very low. Sometimes I truly feel people do not deserve my love and they feel they have the right to come and drag my name into the mud. All my life I have been a very hard working person.”

She said she has never had to sleep with men for money.

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“I have never had anything given to me and I never inherited anything or ever had to steal anything. I have never had to sleep with a man for money or what they can do for me. Everything I have achieved has been from hard work.”

The socialite says she works seven days a week and those around her can testify to her hard work.

“In real life, I am extremely different from what you see on social media.


“I have tried to help my community in so many ways and most of the time it always comes back and bites me back, which is extremely unfair,” she added.


Person for people. Reader of writings. Writer of readings.

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