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WorldCup2022: Mouth-holding Germany in Shock Defeat

Müller disappointed in defeat by Japan

In 2022, things did not exactly work out for Germany, either. Hansi Flick’s squad squandered a 1-0 lead in the game’s final 15 minutes to drop a shocking 2-1 decision to Japan.

Müller, who turned in 67 minutes of action after returning from an injury, was not pleased.

I feel we played well over long stretches, but in football you have to convert the superiority into goals. The efficiency wasn’t there. It’s ridiculous to start with a defeat. But when you see the way we conceded goals, you can say it wasn’t an underserved loss. We have to process this now. Accepting defeat is never easy. But we have to remain objective — the defeat is easy to analyze in football terms, but difficult to grasp emotionally. If you’re not efficient in football, you won’t win anything.”


The loss will not be easy for anyone to accept — especially fans. Can Germany rebound against Spain


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