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Office Romance: The Crush That Friendzoned You

How to know if your office crush has Friendzoned you

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See if you are the person your crush turns to you to talk about his or her problems

If you are your crush's go-to person whenever something goes wrong, then you may be in the Friend Zone. If your crush likes you back, then there will be an element of mystery in your relationship, and also an element of excitement. If your crush tells you every little thing on his or her mind or every little problem he or she has, then your crush isn't trying to impress you or cover things up, and this is probably because he or she sees you as a friend.

Maintaining Zero Physical Contact

You are hanging out with each other but there is no sign of physical contact between both of you. If he/she is friendzoning you, then there will be set boundries in every situation. So, no handholding and no sharing the same bottles! Your friend will keep proper distance to make things clear for you. People do this so that they don't give a wrong impression about anything. Any touch can feel meaningful to a person, so your friend would avoid doing that.

When they come with friends everytime you invite them to hangout

You ask her out for a dinner date and she invites a group of friends to tag along? This is one of the most clear signs of being friendzoned. Your friend will make sure to hangout along with other friends, instead of going on a ‘date' with you. A romantic space can give birth to affection and feelings, which your friend surely does not want!

They make you their reliable runner for everything 

If you are being friendzoned, your friend will make you run a lot of errands. Without caring how you feel, he/she will ask you to do favours all the time. Your friend cares about you, sure, but doesn't see you romantically. He/she doesn't see you more than a friend as is not entirely concerned about spending time with you, instead of making you run everywhere alone.

They Have Pet Names For You

They have pet names for you because you identify as them, even though you are of a different gender. They usually call you “fam”, “dude”, “bro”, “pumpkin” or even ” boo” or “bae” though you are definitely not his/her boo or bae in their heads.

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The pet names define how they relate to you. There may be times where those pet names are a result of your escapades together as friends.

They Make No Effort To Improve Their Appearance

Normally, we all want to look good especially when around our crush. The last thing we want is to give a bad notion of ourselves, so the least we can do to impress our love interest is to appear attractive to them. If you are into someone, and they seem not to care how they look when hanging out with you, that's not a good sign. They don’t care about their appearance because they see no need to attract you.

You frequent her home but her family only see you as mere friends.

If you are a regular visitor to your friend’s home and his/her family sees nothing special about it, then it means they see you as an ordinary friend. Maybe he/she has also assured them that there is nothing deep going on between you.

You always end up doing what your crush wants to do.

If the person you like really likes you, then he/she will go out of their way to do the things you want to do, whether it's going hiking or watching a baseball game. But if you always get roped in to going shopping, getting ice cream, or doing other things that he/she wants to do, then it may be because because he/she doesn't care about impressing you. Ask yourself when the last time was that you got your crush to do something that you actually wanted to do.

He/She asks if you have any hot, single friends you could set them up with

If he/she asks you this then they aren't interested in dating you. Instead, he/she wants to find a partner and will settle for one of your hot friends! They obviously don't think that there is anything romantic going on between you two, so they are wondering if you could hook them up with one of your peers.


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