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South Africa: Blood and Water Season 3 Premiere

Puleng and Fikile continue search for the truth

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Netflix’s South African teen drama thriller “Blood & Water” is back with its 3rd season, and it's getting more intense.

While all the existing plot lines are resolved with previous mysteries revealed, season 3 also has much more action and dire consequences than before. As Puleng and Fikile team up to find out the whole truth about their forced separation 18 years ago, the real perpetrators and their allies in the entire matter are brought to light.

What happens in Season 3?

  • Students at Parkhurst College High School spend time by themselves during the session break and Puleng’s younger brother Siya is now attending the same school after getting accepted.
  • KB is still unconvinced that his parents had anything to do with the human trafficking ring, while Puleng and Fikile try to look for evidence that would prove the same.


  • identity or story of Fikile’s biological father was still not known. Along with this, the criminals who had taken Fikile away as a baby were still out without facing any consequences.
  • Puleng and Fikile’s search for the truth is going to drag them into more danger than ever before, but the sisters remain focused on exposing the whole human trafficking racket once and for all.


  • Thandeka had a romantic night out with a man named Anthony Gabisa. Thandeka’s pregnancy was a result of this night, but she and Julius had mended their relationship shortly afterwards.
  • After it had been revealed in “Blood & Water” season 2 that Thandeka had effectively had an affair, Julius had left her once again, and now he returns to her.
  • Julius drives Puleng back home when, suddenly, on the way, another vehicle rams against their car, causing a terrible accident. Although Puleng is able to survive the ordeal, Julius is found in a helpless condition, and the father passes away after being rushed to the hospital.

Still more to come…


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