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Elon Musk Suspends Kanye Twitter Account

Ye posted inciting tweets including a swastika

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Elon Musk has suspended Kanye West's account on Twitter after the rapper posted inciting tweets including the Nazi swastika.

Although Kanye West who now calls himself Ye having come out to talk about suffering from bipolar disorder, fans have have blasted him saying this has nothing to do with mental illness but a deeper love for former German dictator Adolf Hitler and his Nazi party. Adidas a German sportswear manufacturer recently dropped the rapper over his pro-Nazi sentiments.

Kanye West has seen his net worth plummet from an upwards of US$1.8 billion to close to US$400 million after companies including Adidas, Balenciaga, Gap, etc dumped him for his inciting statements on and off social media.

Chelsea Hart said mental health isn't the issue with Kanye West but the rapper has been praising Hitler for many years.

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Senator Bernie Sanders described Kanye's action as abhorrent and unjustifiable

Josh Gad pondered over the sanity of Kanye's 30million plus followers

Taylor Marshall summarised the whole Kanye drama in one tweet


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