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Neighbours In Court over Public Foot Path

Magistrate dismissed the case on the basis that if the route is used by everyone.

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A HARARE woman told the court yesterday that her neighbour is misusing the protection order he was granted against her by trespassing through her yard.

Maria Mushayanyoka dragged her neighbour, Dickson Zhou, to court accusing him of disturbing her peace.

“On 28 November, he applied for a protection order against me and it was granted. On that same day, I saw his wife passing through my yard and he was standing in my maize field.

“When I asked him, he said he has the right to do what he wants because he has a protection order against me,” she said.

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In response, Zhou denied misusing the protection order. He said the route through her yard is used by everyone in the community.

“She is lying because everyone uses that route and it is the same route that leads to the clinic and school. The route is not a formal road and is used by everyone,” he said

Magistrate Judith Taruvinga dismissed the case on the basis that if the route is used by everyone, Zhou can also use it.

The court said Mushayanyoka wants to use the court to bar Zhou from using the route.


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