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Struggling Sangoma Blames Misfortune on Romance With Ben 10

Mable said she will not dump her Ben 10 mlungu because of the sufferings and would rather die with him.

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Struggling sangoma Mable Mhlanga (42) blames her misery on her romance with Ben 10 mlungu. She said bad luck has haunted her since 2020 when she met her mlungu boyfriend Tiaan Vos (22).


The sangoma said it could be that her ancestors don’t like her boyfriend but that has never been communicated to her. She said:

“I have ended up begging from the people as I’m not making money anymore. But I love him and I don’t plan to part ways with him any time soon.”

She said clients are not coming to her that much and those who come are struggling to pay. Mable said:

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“I love people and sometimes I end up healing them for free. I always help people but now I’m a beggar.'

The mother of 6 said they are surviving on the grant of three of her children. Mable said she even performed ancestral rituals last year to please her ancestors but still clients are not coming. She said her ancestors had asked her to perform rituals and sacrifice a cow but without money that would be difficult.

“I don’t think my ancestors are angry, but I suspect people are jealous of my relationship because my ancestors would have told me not to date him. But I’m not sure anymore if he could be the problem. We are happily in love with my mlungu man but neither of us has money.”

She said the mlungu told her he loved her very much and vowed he will take care of her and her family. Mable added:

“I am appealing to other sangomas and even other people to help me.”

Mable said she will not dump her mlungu because of the sufferings and would rather die with him. Tiaan said:

“I love my woman and I am prepared to die with her.”

Tiaan is looking for any kind of job but he said he is particularly good at spray painting. The couple also appeal for help so they can have a wedding celebration in February as they will be getting officially married at Home Affairs.


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