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Get a Job to Fund your Music Career: Artists told

"Just because you have a hit song doesn’t mean you can’t serve tables at a restaurant" - Jasmin

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The music industry in Zimbabwe is a tough ride for many artists who wish to realise their dreams.

Jasmin wrote:

If you want to be a musician but you don’t have studio money , don’t wait for someone to save you because hakuna anouya unofa neidea yako, go get a job to fund your music career simple , just because you have a hit song doesn’t mean you can’t serve tables at a restaurant

Until your finances make sense for you to live the celebrity life , problem yall need to much saving Pull your socks up and work

One of the most significant challenges that Zimbabwean artists face is a lack of funding and support from the government and private sector. Many artists struggle to find funding to support their work, and without financial support, it can be difficult to create and promote their art.

This lack of support can lead to a lack of exposure for Zimbabwean artists, which can make it challenging for them to build a fan base and generate income from their work.

Another significant struggle that Zimbabwean artists face is censorship and political pressure. In recent years, the government has cracked down on artistic expression that is critical of the ruling party or the government itself.

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This censorship can take the form of bans on art exhibits, performances, or publications, as well as harassment or arrest of artists who create politically sensitive works. This creates a chilling effect on artistic expression, as artists may fear retribution for their work.

Zimbabwean artists also face challenges related to infrastructure and access to resources. Many artists work in subpar conditions, with inadequate studio space or tools. Additionally, access to materials can be limited, with high import taxes and limited availability of quality supplies. This can make it difficult for artists to produce high-quality work, and can also limit the range of materials and techniques that artists can work with.

Zimbabwean artists also face challenges related to market access and recognition. Despite the wealth of talent in Zimbabwe, many artists struggle to get their work seen by a wider audience. This can be due to limited access to galleries or other exhibition spaces, as well as limited exposure in international markets.

Additionally, many Zimbabwean artists may struggle to get recognition for their work, as it may not fit neatly into Western or Eurocentric notions of art. Overall, Zimbabwean artists face numerous struggles and challenges that can make it difficult for them to pursue their craft and make a living from it.

Addressing these challenges will require a concerted effort from the government, private sector, and civil society to provide greater support, funding, and opportunities for Zimbabwean artists to thrive. Only then can Zimbabwean artists fully realize their creative potential and contribute to the country’s cultural heritage.


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