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Easy Steps to Sign Up for E-CREATOR

You design your own commission from 4 to 5.5% depending on amount deposited.

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Easy Steps to Sign Up for E-CREATOR

Sign up freely using the link: 

1️⃣ Fund your Ecocash usd wallet with any amount from 15 usd to 100 and to become V1P 1 to earn 4% daily


2️⃣ Get a link from your sponsor & sign up to open your account with E-Creator using your phone number & your preferred password.

3️⃣Click Icon Personal at your right bottom and look for Address on apps that appear and fill all the details as required. This is called Address binding.

4️⃣ Click Bind Account & add your Sim Account which is your phone number & select the Ecocash for payment method

5️⃣. Now go and Click where it says Recharge. Put all the info required pluz your start up money of your choice 15 to 100 usd for VIP 1

➡️Copy number that will appear and go to your Ecocash usd wallet by Dialling *153*1*1*(paste number)*amount# and enter

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➡️ NB remember not to close the page after copying number as you would need to paste the Ecocash transfer Approval Code

➡️Receive your confirmation & only take the Approval Code e.g *PPPPPP2355876* & paste in the box for confirmation & click submit.

6️⃣ Once confirmed successful, pliz contact your upline who will give you the number for E-Creator Supervisor who will add you to the groups once you are a paid-up member

7️⃣ Now you can start buying your 10 Orders daily by just clicking BUY and make your daily commissions based on your start up capital e.g *4%* on VIP1, which is $15 usd to $100.

8️⃣. Download E-Creator App on Playstore for login purposes & easy work.

9️⃣To get your link you click on INVITATIONS then click Team members & you will see it , then copy and send to your friends

➡️Please teach the same procedure to the next person. The very same way you have done to yourself.

Congratulations for being an E-Creator Employee. You design your own % commission from 4 to 5.5% depending on amount deposited.

Disclaimer: Investments are generally risky, so Invest only what you can afford to lose.


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