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Chinemo Sold Bae's Fortuner & Lied it was Stolen

The man later admitted to selling the car to Nesbert Mutengezana

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AN untrustworthy man, who was entrusted with his girlfriend’s South African registered Toyota Fortuner, ended up selling it while she was out of the country.

Allegations are that the vehicle was left in the custody of the boyfriend, Witness Chinemo, when the complainant went to South Africa to attend to her sick child.

On her return, Chinemo allegedly lied to her, claiming that the car had been stolen.

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The girlfriend eventually reported the matter at Southerton Police Station. It was discovered that the car was never reported stolen.

The man later admitted to selling the car to Nesbert Mutengezana. Chinemo and Mutengezana appeared in court yesterday and were remanded to August 8.


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