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Side Chic Demanding US$15k from Late Mbinga's Widow

Blessing Mawaraidzo aka Musoja passed away on June 6 at his rented residence in Bordervale, Mutare.

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Side chic of prominent mbinga Blessing Mawaraidzo, based in Mutare, is now asserting her demand for the return of the US$15,000 that she alleges her deceased partner possessed at the time of his death.

Blessing Mawaraidzo, also known as Musoja within the social circles of Mutare, tragically passed away on June 6 at his rented residence in Bordervale, Mutare.

His untimely demise sparked widespread speculation and discussions among social circles, with various theories circulating.

One prevalent belief suggests that Mr. Mawaraidzo’s death resulted from injuries sustained during a violent altercation with a competing suitor in Harare.

Rophia Makamba, the girlfriend of the late Mawaraidzo expressed her feelings regarding what she perceives as a media campaign targeting her reputation.

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Makamba revealed that Mawaraidzo passed away while holding onto an amount of US$15,000, which was intended for their joint business ventures.

Within a short span of three weeks following Mawaraidzo’s demise, a contentious dispute between his widow, Joice Mawaraidzo, and Makamba has escalated to the point of legal intervention.

Mawaraidzo has filed for a peace order against Makamba, seeking legal protection and resolution of the conflict. The courtroom is now the battleground for their ongoing feud.

“I work for my money. In fact, Blessing was in possession of some money amounting to about US$15 000 when he died.

This is the money that I am entitled to and I am asking for it. Instead all I get is a peace order.

When contacted for a comment, Mrs Muwaraidzo said she could not talk to the Press.


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