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ZAOGA Succession Saga Takes New Twist with New Guti Video

A video has emerged where Ezekiel Guti is seen handpicking his successor.

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It has emerged that the founder and archbishop of Zimbabwe Assemblies of God Africa Forward In Faith (ZAOGA FIF), Ezekiel Handinawangu Guti, had handpicked his successor before his demise.

This revelation emerged following the solemn confirmation of Ezekiel Guti’s demise on Wednesday evening. Joseph Guti, the national executive chairman of ZAOGA FIF, made this special announcement on the Ezekiel TV channel, casting a sombre atmosphere over the proceedings.


Now, the curtain lifts to unveil a momentous occasion—Ezekiel Guti had anointed his successor prior to his passing.

Having personally witnessed a video that bears witness to this momentous event, I can attest that Ezekiel Guti, affectionately known as “Baba Guti” among the ZAOGA congregants, conducted a sacred anointment ceremony for Joseph Guti, designating him as his rightful heir.

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Although the exact date of the video’s creation remains elusive, Archbishop Guti leaves no room for doubt as he unequivocally proclaims that Joseph Guti shall ascend to the esteemed position of chancellor at Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU) upon his own departure from this earthly realm.

In the recorded statement, Guti is heard saying:

“These two young people they’re gonna take over. We will be behind. Professor Chetsanga (Christopher Chetsanga) will advise this boy. He will remain as an advisor for Chirisa (Inocent Chirisa).

Ezekiel Guti will remain an advisor to Joe. He is now acting as a chancellor. Taking over. Reserve chancellor.

As the archbishop of ZAOGA FIF, Guti held the esteemed title of chancellor at ZEGU. The question now lingers as to whether Joseph Guti shall also inherit the mantle of ZAOGA FIF archbishop, having been anointed as Ezekiel Guti’s successor at ZEGU.

According to the ZEGU website, Professor Christopher Chetsanga serves as the university’s advisor. Inocent Chirisa currently assumes the position of Acting Vice Chancellor, while Joseph Guti holds the esteemed title of executive director, as disclosed by the website‘s available information.


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