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Karate Master Claims that His Wife Beats Him to Pulp

"I once tried to kill myself with rat poison because I was stressed" - Enita

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KARATE master is claiming a peace order against his estranged wife saying she abuses him physically, verbally and emotionally.

1 in 5 Zimbabwean Marriages Likely to End in Divorce

The sensei, only identified as Nyandowe, took Enita Chikwira to the Harare Civil Court.

Enita doesn’t respect me.

One day I woke up in the middle of the night and found her awoke and, after I asked her why she was awake, she held my private parts and attacked me with a shovel and I sustained severe injuries.

She called my relatives telling them that she wants to kill me and infect me with AIDS.

In the bedroom, she mocked me for having a weak erection.

Enita disputed the claims. She told the court that their problems started in 2014 after Nyandowo started a relationship with a girlfriend.

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Our problems started in 2014, whenever I called his girlfriend he would assault me and on July 13, he choked me.

I once tried to kill myself with rat poison because I was stressed.

He is lying that I chased him from home because he left home saying that he was going to work and he never returned until the day we fought.

She added that Nyandowo was a trained karateka and has a police identity card.

Karate Master Sensei

Nyandowe said he was given the ID because of his calmness and he never used his martial arts skills on Enita because he loved her.

The Main Causes Of Divorce in Zimbabwe

Magistrate Sharon Mashavira dismissed his application due to lack of merit.


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