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Teacher-Students Bonding Video Goes Viral

The cheerful lady teacher is seen kissing, hugging or hi five-ing students

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Teacher-Students Bonding Video Goes Viral

In the video, an Early Childhood Development, (ECD) teacher is seen bonding with her young students.

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The female teacher who looks very cheerful, draws three options on the chalk board.

The options are 1: KISS, 2: HUG and 3: HIGH FIVE.

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The young pupils come and point on their option of choice and the teacher delivers.

In the video, some kids chose the KISS option and the teacher kissed them on the lips while she hugged those who chose to be hugged and Hi fived those who chose the option.

Teacher-Students Bonding Video Goes Viral

While these teacher-student bonding activities are normal and very essential for the young pupils entering the education system, it is the kissing 💋 on the lips that has raised concerns.

Some netizens have reservations about the whole exercise and believe that if it was a man, these actions would be interpreted as abuse. They also argue that this can potentially be used as an avenue to abuse the young innocent people.


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