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Heart Stadium Project Leaves Magaya Broke

The stadium, which Magaya revealed, will be modelled after the architectural design of Swansea Stadium in England

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Heart Stadium Project Leaves Magaya Broke

Walter Magaya has revealed that he underestimated the exorbitant costs associated with building the Heart Stadium at his Yadah Hotel Complex in Waterfalls.

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This ambitious capital-incentive project has left him virtually broke, forcing him to make significant adjustments in order to sustain the funding for the project.

Heart Stadium Project

Magaya candidly admitted that the costs involved in constructing the Heart Stadium have far exceeded his initial estimates, leaving him in a financially precarious position.

He stated:

The costs are huge and right now I can say it has left me as a person who can be called broke.

To ensure the continuation of the stadium project, Magaya has been forced to make difficult decisions and cut back on various aspects of the construction.

He explained:

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You have to adjust just about everything, cutting on a lot of things just to make sure you keep funding such a project.

This demonstrates the extent to which he is willing to go to see the completion of his vision.

The financial challenges faced by Magaya have also affected his personal choices and lifestyle.

Heart Stadium Project 2

Heart Stadium Project Leaves Magaya Broke

Due to the constraints imposed by the stadium project, he revealed that the affordable “freezit” has become his preferred beverage.

In this heat, because of the challenges, the drink of choice becomes the ‘freezit’ because that is affordable.

Recently, it was reported that football enthusiast Walter Magaya is making significant progress in the construction of a 5,000-seater stadium at his Yadah Hotel in Waterfalls, Harare.

The stadium, which Magaya revealed, will be modelled after the architectural design of Swansea Stadium in England.

Additionally, there are plans to expand the stadium to accommodate 40,000 spectators in the future.

Magaya expressed his vision for the stadium project, stating,

We are starting with a 5,000-seater facility, but the full capacity when completed is 40,000.


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