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ChiTown Geek Steals 1000GB Data

Chiyangwa allegedly sucked data from a staggering 117 Liquid account holders from 18 May to 28 August.

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ChiTown Geek Steals 1000GB Data

A daring Chitungwiza man is in trouble after he hacked Liquid Intelligent Technologies and stole over 1000GB of customers’ data.

In a jaw-dropping tale of digital deceit, 27-year-old Nyadziso Chiyangwa was arrested for brazenly stealing customers’ data bundles right from under Liquid’s nose.

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Chiyangwa is facing charges of breaching the Data Protection Act. He recently stood before Harare Magistrate Dennis Mangosi and got a US$400 bail reprieve.

Chiyangwa allegedly orchestrated an operation that siphoned off 1070 gigabytes of data bundles, valued at a significant US$2,942.

He sucked the data from a staggering 117 Liquid account holders from 18 May to 28 August.

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ChiTown Geek Steals 1000GB Data

The cunny Chitungwiza man then sold the stolen data to other Liquid customers. Chiyangwa accessed the company through another customer’s login details.

The geek even went so far as to change the customer’s phone number on his portal, ensuring all notifications were rerouted to him.

The court State slapped Chiyangwa with a second charge as he is accused of secretly opening ‘Fibre on the Go’ accounts on existing unlimited service accounts.

These extensions grant users access to public WIFI hotspots. The computer whiz then illegally connected 82 users to the system.

And he allegedly collected a cool US$10 monthly from these unsuspecting clients.


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